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2009 Award Winners: Ladder 147

On February 6th, 2009 at 1409 hours, Box 1552 was transmitted for fire in a private dwelling. L-147 was assigned 2nd due. E-248 arrived and transmitted a 10-75 for fire on the 2nd floor of a 3-story non-fireproof mixed occupancy. L-147 was assigned to the floor above. As L-147 made entry into the dwelling, the […]

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2009 Award Winner: FF Ronald Soltysik, Ladder 136

Firefighter Ronald Soltysik had just taken up from a previous box when at 2050 a phone alarm was transmitted over their MDT reporting a fire at 61-15 97th Street. L-136 was assigned first due. Battalion 46 was first to arrive and Chief Robert McBride transmitted a 10-75 for numerous civilians self evacuating due to heavy […]

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2009 Award Winner: Craig Giuffre, Ladder 32

Craig Giuffre was an 11 year veteran of the FDNY assigned to L-32 in the Bronx. In the early morning of Easter 2007, L-32 responded to a smoking manhole. After positioning the apparatus, Giuffre began donning his gear. Suddenly an unrelated manhole to Craig’s left exploded. The blast sent Giuffre flying and knocked him unconscious. […]

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2009 Award Winners: Ladder 150

Roll call had just been completed and the members of E-301 L-150 were ready for a hot summer night tour. At 18:47 hours a phone alarm was received for “smoke on the 1st floor of a private dwelling” at 196-03 Jamaica Ave. Both companies were assigned 1st due with the location being one block from […]

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