Firefighters Rescue Crane Operator Suffering Chest Pains 360 Feet Above Manhattan

NY Daily News – June 03, 2018


A crew of high-flying firefighters saved a crane operator who suffered chest pains more than 360 feet in the air in the Financial District early Saturday, FDNY officials said. Construction workers building a skyscraper on Greenwich St. near Cedar St. called 911 at about 1 a.m., reporting that their crane operator, who was working outside on the 36th floor, had a medical emergency, authorities said.

The first responders were able to take elevators up to the 32nd floor of the construction zone — and the bottom of the crane — but no further, officials said. Firefighters had to use a pulley system to hoist themselves up the crane shaft to gain access to the sick worker in the cabin. They packaged the man up, then lowered him down to the 32nd floor, where they were able to access an elevator to street level.

Medics rushed the worker to New York Downtown Hospital. His condition was not immediately known, but he is expected to survive, authorities said. When it is completed, the new skyscraper, at 125 Greenwich St., is expected to be 912-feet tall and reach 88 stories.

The building, designed by architect Rafael Viñoly, will hold 273 residential units ranging from $1.5 to $6.4 million with amenities that include a swimming pool, movie theater, fitness center and yoga studio, according to the building’s website.

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