Family, Henderson firefighters honor man who was 9/11 hero

By: John Langeler

Posted: Nov 02, 2017 08:46 PM PDT

Updated: Nov 02, 2017 08:46 PM PDT

LAS VEGAS – There was a small but poignant ceremony held in Henderson Thursday for a former New York City firefighter who died.  Paul Geidel served as a firefighter for three decades, but it was the tragedy of 9/11 where he left his biggest mark.

In Paul Geidel’s home, there are pictures of his family and his service.

“It’s a museum to me.  It’s a museum,” said Debbie Doggette, daughter of Paul Geidel.  “It’s legacy.  Heroes.  All the heroes.”

Doggette’s father who she loved so dearly, died Tuesday at the age of 84.

“Just as we landed in Las Vegas, he passed away,” Doggette said. “I didn’t get to say goodbye to him.  But he knew I was coming.”

Geidel served with the FDNY for 31 years.  His sons were firefighters too.

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